Five Keys

site Friligkianika, Kythira, Greece


The project is about the restoration of a building complex that included a two-storey building with a tiled roof and separate ground level buildings and ruins.

More specifically, the access to the plot is made by the municipal road at an altitude of approximately (+4.00) corresponding to an altitude (348m) from the sea surface. There is a two storey old house, consisting of ground floor, with two vaulted stone-built spaces (arches) at a level (0,00).

The proposal aims at transforming the existing buildings in accordance with the functional needs and requirements of a modern, single functional dwelling. The presented volumetric approach revives the pre-existing condition.

The typology of vaulted structures with minimal openings is maintained, while on the floor of the house the windows retain their original dimensions and the new ones that are opened are designed with the same dimensional proportions.

  • site - Friligkianika, Kythira, Greece
  • team - PiSaA | Enrica Mosciaro | Jordi Castel
  • date - 2018 · Assignment | Private Client