site Sikinos Island, Cyclades, Greece


The building is placed on one of the two large flat levels, so that minimal interventions, excavations or landings are required. Based on the same logic, the point of entrance is chosen to be from the rural road. The purpose of the project is to be fully harmonized with the physical morphology of the ground.

The precise location of the building and the shaping of its volume derive from the orientation of the plot and the view that is desired towards the settlement. More specifically, the access to the ground-floor stone-built building is served by an uphill trail starting from the rural road that faces the plot on its eastern boundary. The configuration of the route follows the morphology of the ground and the layout of the stone walls that lie and shape the existing levels. Stone stairs are constructed at some points of the path.

As far as the opoenings are concerned, these are the minimum necessary for lighting and ventilation, due to the location of the building, which is exposed to the weather. 



  • site - Sikinos Island, Cyclades, Greece
  • team - PiSaA
  • date - 2018 · Assignment | Private Client