site Beylikdüzü · Istanbul · Turkey

We comprehend Istanbul as a city of water; not only framed geographically by two seas, the Bosphorus, and its many stream-valleys along, but also as a city built upon an urban culture that in essence flourished around ‘manmade water’, public water-infrastructures defining the nuclei of a public life. 

Through form, material, and landscape, identity and place is crafted gradually in space and time.
The Linking Line, as overall expression of the Valley of Life, is formulated through the combination of mathematics and poetry, a simple triangulation of basic angles that creates the logic of construction while objectively connecting urban synapses, and intuitively creates shape as it approaches terrain and results in own form of an abstract pattern and identity. 
The Linking Line is moreover thought to expand gradually from an initial path to become a network of paths in time – an intelligent Neural System Network that shapes a labyrinth without a centre. 
Furthermore, the manifestation of architecture – the new Kiosks - arise literally out of landscape and traditions, abstract walls growing from the Linking Line to create landmarks within the greater landscape. With its white washed raw concrete surfaces and maritime canvases, they shine among a lush landscape of cypresses, planes and flowering trees – the combined principles of Turkish gardens and contemporary architecture thence developing an abstract environment of contemporary place.
The Valley of Life wants to offer many possibilities for more symbioses, adaptations, coevolutions, and naturalized city territory, and the way of water as precious Ecotones to allow for a possible regeneration.
The challenge in this new condition is to Recover and Increase Natural Capital, its ecological integrity and aptitude to fight disturbances (resilience) and increase a flood of services for humans by maintaining Nature’s functions, in the case of Valley of Life, to recuperate its eco­-systemic services. The two main processes blocked in the Valley of Life are soil processes: depleted soil, altered topography, modification of the relief and erosion, as well as the hydrological cycle: modification of water circulation, water contamination, discharges, drainage and pollution.  

  • site - Beylikdüzü · Istanbul · Turkey
  • team - PiSaA | OAB | JLP Arquitectes | Ahmet Balkan | Local 4
  • date - 2016 · Competition 2º prize