Villaspeciosa Kindergarten

site Villaspeciosa, Sardinia, Italy


The project proposal for the construction of a new building to be used as a nursery school for Villaspeciosa, whose lot is located in via Gaetano Zizi s.n. in Villaspeciosa, it intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • the establishment of a territorial pole to promote the identity and values ​​of the local cultural landscape, themselves interpreted as learning tools and contents. A civic, cultural point in which the sense of identity and coherence of the community are strengthened to build that social capital that can counter school dropout, unemployment, depopulation. Here, more than in other places, the school should not only support students’ learning, but members’ needs (social, recreational, educational and personal) of the community in which it is inserted.
  • contribute to the development of a school capable of responding in an authentic manner to training needs of its students and to the civil and social growth of the community, thus generating processes of learning capable of supporting the development of individual and community skills. In this sense, the school must be able to deal with a multiplicity of educational dimensions that concern an existential arc that goes from childhood to adulthood, promoting integration between different generations, between institutions and families, in a territory that is constituted as a microcosm of opportunities, interactions and cohabitation, projecting the local reality into the global one;
  • improve the environmental quality of the site and ensure the energy efficiency of school buildings, attributing to the design choices also the value of an educational and learning tool for the students;
  • strengthening and innovation of the technological equipment of learning environments.
  • site - Villaspeciosa, Sardinia, Italy
  • team - PiSaA | Aron Murgia
  • date - 2018 · Competition